Still Standing // Eivissa

Flower - Eivissa

Flower – Eivissa

Sorry, this time not much text…Of course, I assume you want text and are all fairly disappointed right now, aren’t you? Anyhow, close to finishing my dissertation on “Income Distribution and Financial Crises” and my mind is almost exclusively occupied with that. After four years of writing, reading, graph-producing, equation-mongering, then revising, rewriting, re-reading, re-graph-producing re-equation-mongering (you get the drill by now) there is finally light at the end of the tunnel…Or I simply bored myself to death and this is how the tunnel comes in…vamos a ver!

I took this picture this spring in Eivissa, more precisely here. It is the first picture that is actually “staged” (i.e. I cut the flower and put it in front of the lense…quite dramatic).

Now the economist inside can’t spare you this so some stats for the number-gobbling geeks like me: 20 posts (excluding this one), 2100 views, 500+ different visitors from diverse countries such as Japan, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Colombia or Belize (see ya in April you beauty of a country!), 460 likes and 140 followers mean I owe you something for your interest in photonautics: Thank you, Danke, Gracias and Merci…

Hah, you see…surprisingly there is some text AND numbers…Tata!


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