One Tree Hill // Germany

One Tree Hill - Germany

One Tree Hill – Germany


One Tree Hill - Germany

One Tree Hill – Germany

Sorry for the delay…summer…roadtrip-ing through Austria and Slovenia (pictures soon)…heck, a lot of cool things to do without the Macbook. Anyway, I am currently experimenting a little bit with high-key photography and would like to share one of the pictures I have edited in the last couple of days (the second one). Certainly, I am not an expert…yet…give me some time. Anyhow, let me know what you think…and again…I am offering a crisis explanation for free!

Now background: I took this picture during a nice roadtrip in 2014 through Bavaria after having visited Munich for a few days. Although I am not particularly fond of Bavarians per sé (sorry guys, you simply talk too much and almost all of you are fans of FC Bayern), I do like the food there and landscape-wise it is beautiful as well. As I mentioned here, I am big fan of meat, and Wurst, Knödel, Stelzn and Co. are wonderful exhibits of Bavarian (and Austrian!) cuisine and culture…so go there and eat and sleep afterwards and drink…Tata!


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