Off Season // Eivissa

Out of Season - Eivissa (Airport)

Out of Season – Eivissa (Airport)

As I mentioned in this post, Eivissa welcomes (or has to welcome) six million people every year. However, if you come here off-season, which is pretty much everything except July and August, the island and the people are extremely calm, welcoming and supportive. I was told that some of these descriptions may change drastically during high season.

Be that as it may, I took this picture at the not-so-picturesque airport and there was…nobody. Well, almost nobody…I cut out five Italians…scusi ragazzi!. I really like abandoned places and, personally speaking, quiet is the new black. I also tend to be overly melancholic when returning from travels – even short ones. It’s not that I don’t like what I am doing professionally, it’s just that I am doing it in continental Europe…that means at least six months of no-summer. Even worse, I live in a country that has no access to the sea (you do the math!). That’s, luckily, something that could change soon enough…Tata!

PS: The day of my last posting was the first day since I started this blog, on which visitors from all continents have visited photonautics…thank you all!


2 thoughts

  1. Hi there! I really love this – I have a weird enjoyment of airports and (if I read correctly) find something beautiful in abandoned places like yourself. It reminds me of the film The Terminal, I was always slightly envious of Tom Hanks being able to roam around without the crowds and explore! Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my Void of Rainbows post too 🙂

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    • Hi back…I know exactly what you mean about the fascination of abandoned places or places that are supposed to be highly populated (airports, offices, train stations…) and are somewhat spooky when all people are gone. So I am with you on that and YES, that part of the movie was my favourite too :-), I envy everybody who can actually do that. You’re welcome (for the likes)…Cheers!

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